Monday, September 13, 2010

MyTouch HD Info Leak

Now that T-Mobile's got its G2 slider out in the open, the cosmic universe reckons it's time to look towards the next HSPA+ device -- and the next iteration of the Android-laden myTouch series. We've seen alleged pics of the myTouch HD before, and now TmoNews has what it claims is an internal document from the carrier boasting some of the key features of the device. Sure, it could be all for naught, but let's hear this one out. According to the alleged paper, the myTouch HD runs on "America's largest 4G network" (that's gonna make some eyes roll) and has a 3.8-inch screen, Swype, 4GB internal space, a bundled 8GB SD card, a five megapixel rear camera, and a VGA camera on the front for video chat over Qik or Yahoo Messenger. There's also talk of screen sharing for pictures and video onto a HDTV, but that could be something as simple as HDMI output. Something tells us the 1GHz "dual processor" is more than likely a typo that's meant to say dual-core, à la the Snapdragon chips, but when you're dealing in the world of the unconfirmed, we suppose anything's possible.

Via Tmonews via Engadget


  1. I wish my phone looked like that lol

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  2. Interesting. I own a Mytouch 3g slide... depending on how much money I have, I may have to pick this up when it's released!

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  4. it looks interesting, but i don't understand all the geeky stuff :D

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